Mapping volumes to logical drive names

I had a problem on my work computer where System Restore kept complaining about a lack of available disk space, no drive on my machine had less than 70GB free. System Event Log entries gave me a volume number but no way of knowing which logical drive letter it was referring to.

The best way to map these numbers is to search through the registry using RegEdit for the text inside the Volume{long string here} brackets. It will take you to the key HKLMSYSTEMMountedDevices, where you can match the “long string here” text to the mounted drive.

It turns out that it was my C: drive, which had a whopping 74GB free. The problem is that my drives are rather large, and it looks like Windows only checks the C drive to see if you have enough free space. I disabled SR on my data drives; we’ll see if that fixes the problem.