Insider builds issue: Microsoft account needs attention

When reloading my computer yesterday I was unable to get any Insider builds to install.  All I saw was a “Your Microsoft account needs attention” with a FixMe button.  Clicking on that button restarts the computer but it doesn’t fix the problem.  You’ll see the same problem and FixMe button when you log back in.

The solution was to:

  1. Opt out of Insider builds completely (reboot)
  2. Delete the following registry keys in HKEY_Current_User > Software > Microsoft > WindowsSelfHost > Applicability
    1. Error State
    2. PilotInfoRing
    3. LastHR
  3. Reboot and sign up for Insider builds again.  It’ll ask you to sign into your Microsoft Account and then you’ll be able to sign up for builds again.

Note: after doing this it took about 12 hours for the first build to show up.

Thanks to @NorthFaceHiker for this tip!